Mens Programme

Do you need help?
• Are violent and abusive behaviours blocking you from reaching your goals?
• Are you ready to take responsibility?
• You are worth working with to help you move toward a non-violent lifestyle.
• Make an appointment now rather than just think it might be a good idea.

You will learn about:
• How you can gain control of your actions, when you are frustrated, hurt, or scared, in a way that is respectful of yourself and others.
• The effects anger and violence have on others, including partners and children.

What we offer:
• We will arrange a meeting to discuss your situation and make arrangements for you to join on of our programmes
• A safe environment where you can learn how to take responsibility for your behaviour
• Educational and Counselling Services
• Learning in a group situation with other men
• Learning through individual programmes

Programme Costs:
Subsidised Costs: The cost for people who self-refer is largely subsidised by KLWV and grant funding. The cost per group session is $25 waged and $10 unwaged. The cost for individual sessions is $35 per session waged or $20 per session unwaged. This applies to all clients that have not been directed by another service provider with contracted funding attached. There are options to assist with the payment of session costs if you cannot afford them (through WINZ or talk to us).

Full Costs: The full cost of the programme for an agency referral is around $80 per session for group and $100 for individual.

Programme Dates:
Contact our office to arrange an appointment for individual sessions. The Men’s Group meets every Tuesday night at our offices at 5 Sheffield St, Paraparaumu. The programme runs for 24 weeks. Before attending the group session you will need to attend an individual induction and assessment session.

Often family violence can be hidden for a long time because no one outside the family is there to see it. Many women live in constant fear of violence. Victims are often afraid that no one will believe their story and things will be worse for them if they tell. They may be ashamed, afraid they will be blamed for violence or told they deserve it.


“No one has the right to control
others by violence”

Family or Domestic Violence is
Everyone’s Business.